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Jules Jezebelle (Austin, TX)

A graduate from St. Edwards University with a Bachelors in Studio Art, she pulls inspiration from everything she encounters and incorporates it into themed shows that leaves the audience talking for years to come. She began dancing when she was just 5 years old and has continued her love for it with no stop in sight. She strives to make every routine bigger, better, and more awe-inspiring then the last. She incorporates outlandish costumes, freestyle dance moves, glowing effects, massive props and more to make each show unique, original, and as mind blowing as possible.

Specialty: Go-Go Dancer, Stilt Walker, Model, Fire Dancer, Live Metal Grinding, Performance Artist, Body Painting

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Raven Layne (Austin, TX)

Raven Layne has been dancing since she was three years old. As a multi-genre dancer, she has experience in tap, ballet, jazz, and Bollywood. In addition to gogo dancing, she has worked as a coyote ugly-style dancer as well as a two-time professional cheerleader.

Specialty: Go-Go Dancer, Bollywood Dancer, Model

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Monster (Austin, TX)

An artist, animator and web designer. Creator of this site and owner of Ferocious Productions.

Specialty: Art, Body Painting, Modeling, Dark / Industrial GoGo Dancing, Avant Garde Preformance

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Infiniti (Salisbury, North Carolina)

Fusion Belly and Go Go Dancer with a background in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. She will move you.

Specialty: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Go Go Dance Belly Dance Instructor

Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti Infiniti

Meesh (Austin, TX)

Her style is a fusion of moves taken from all genres of dance all rolled into a new one called Liquid Groove. Whether you have a full band, turntables, or simply drums and the sound of nature, let her entrance you with the rhythm of her swaying hips.

Specialty: Bellydance, Retro GoGo

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Brynn (Austin, TX)

A glitter-covered pole artist hailing from frosty Minnesota, Brynn infuses elements of burlesque, go-go, acrobatics, and pole dancing into her performances. She is most deeply inspired by industrial, house, and dark electronic music. From raves to fetish conventions, she can be counted on to bring a smile.

Specialty: Acrobatic Pole Dancing, Lyra, Go-Go, Aerial Silks & Hammock, Model

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Mattie Stillwell (New Orleans, LA)

A fantastic body painter and innovative artist! Gris Gris Leveaux is one of our girls from out of state. She works mainly out of New Orleans.

Specialty: Bodypainting, modeling, art

GrisGris1 GrisGris2 GrisGris3

Angeluv (New Orleans, LA and Gulf Coast)

Vice President of Seal Audio. Creates one of a kind clothing. An amazing dancer with a heart of gold!

Specialty: Custom Costume & Hair Fall Creator

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Jozef - Sponsored DJ (Austin, TX)

Hand him two records he’s never heard before, take away his headphones, and he’ll still mix them flawlessly. Layering classic jazz over booty shaking beats, taking samples from everything from classic rock to hip hop to indie rock, and by incorporating live singers; his music creates a fusion of old school and new school that can’t be matched. His music selection and skill level can get even the most reluctant person swaying and dancing to his one of a kind style. Although he's most known for playing deep to funky house, he's been known to drop many styles and genres, as long as it gets the crowd grooving. He plays for the audience, and brings a full arsenal of music to each gig, ready to change it up at a moment's notice to keep the audience dancing to his beat. There is never an empty dance floor when he is behind the decks. His track selection keeps you on your toes, and creates a musical roller coaster anyone can enjoy. Jozef is guaranteed to make any dance floor rock; and KEEP it rocking throughout the night.


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